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Beer and Wine

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We now have 14 tap handles to help quench our thirst for great beer!  Make sure to ask for a beer list as these change out frequently!  For our latest beer updates, download the Untappd app on your phone.....when we tap a new keg, you will be notified immediately!
House wine is $5.75/glass and includes:  Merlot, Cab, Pinot Noir, Chard, Pinot Gregio, Sauv. Blanc, and White Zin
Malbec - 9 
Immortal Zin - 10.50
Rodney Strong Cab -13
Menage a Trois red blend - 8.50
Dante Merlot - 9.50
Heavyweight Cab - 9.50
Rodney Strong Chard -12
Kim Crawford -12 
Anselmi Pinot Gregio - 8.50 
Joel Gott Chard - 9.50 
Leitz out Reisling - 9.50 
Menage a Trois White Blend - 8.50
LAURA'S LIST (by the bottle only)
Incognito Red Blend (32.50), Michael David Petite (37.50), Melomi Pinot Noir (42.50) Decoy Cab (47.50)